Music Advocacy

Local/Community Advocacy

Dear MSBOA Member/Supportive Parent:

Michigan is currently in an economic crisis of unseen proportions. With revenues continually down in the State and costs rising, the magnitude of this crisis is simply overwhelming. Michigan Schools are also tied into this crisis and School Funding is in constant jeopardy. Although there are many suggestions on how to pave a path out of this crisis, inevitably we must all come together and work with our Government Officials as they are responsible for deliberating and eventually agreeing upon a budget for our State.

The Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association is asking you to become involved in the process to save Michigan Schools and ensure a solid education, including music, for the K-12 students in the State. In order to do this, we are asking that you sign-up for an email alert system by clicking the link below. This link will ask you to input a few valuable pieces of information that will allow us to contact you regarding important events/changes in the School Funding Crisis.

Register for email alerts. Please enter “MSBOA” (all caps) in the Organizational Name box. Once you register you will receive a confirming email, please respond to the confirming email to complete your registration.

Political Advocacy

You are strongly encouraged to let your representatives know your opinions.

Email your State SenatorEmail your State Representative

Map of House of Representative Districts | View Map of Senate Districts

Website for our Michigan Governor

Academic Advocacy & Resources

MUSIC EDUCATION ADVOCACY MATERIALS, RESOURCES AND INFORMATION. These sites can provide valuable information that is presentable to Boards of Education, School Administators, etc.

Use this friendly parents guide for advocating on behalf of your student's musical education to learn about identifying and working with "decision makers" as well as some key communication tips. Please join us in coming together for Michigan Schools and the future of music education.