All State

2023-2024 All-State Audition Schedule

All-State Audition Etudes/Excerpts and Information 2023-2024

The MSBOA All-State program was established in the 2005 - 06 school year.

Five ensembles are selected from recorded auditions: a Middle School String Orchestra, a Middle School Band, a High School Full Orchestra, a High School Band and a High School Jazz Ensemble.

Students must prepare an announced etude, a series of scales and sight-read during each 10 minute recorded audition. Each audition is submitted using only an identification number with no reference to the student or school. The auditions are evaluated by an adjudicator and placed in order. The required number of instruments is selected to fill each section. An average of some 2,500 students audition each year for the 400 seats in our five ensembles.

In January the students assemble for two and a half days of rehearsal with nationally recognized conductors. A concert is held on the Saturday of the Michigan Music Conference.