2018-2019 All-State Audition Schedule & Information


2018-2019 All-State Band, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble Audition Schedule Information

The audition schedule, for each student, was emailed to the Director who registered the student for his/her All-State audition. 

Students, please contact your Director to receive your audition day/date and time.

These are BLIND AUDITIONS. The student's name and/or school are not included in the information given to the adjudicators - only the Student ID number is known to the adjudicator and only the Student ID number is indicated on their listing of selected auditions. THEREFORE: It is extremely important that the student is positive that the correct Student ID number is announced at the beginning of the recorded audition.

If the student is auditioning on two or more instruments (Example: Alto and Tenor Saxophone or Trumpet and Jazz Ensemble Trumpet), each audition has a different Student ID number that must be associated with that audition.

Each site will have rooms that are designated as "Sections." Each section has a number. Students should not switch sections.

Students are advised to arrive early in the event that auditions are running ahead of schedule.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Since it is very important for the proper identification for each audition to be included on the proper recording for the instrument and level (MS or SR), schedule changes are not advised. 

If a schedule change is absolutely necessary, the DIRECTOR must contact the District President to arrange the change. 


Best wishes to all as you audition for this great event.

Charles Bullard

Executive Director

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