All-State Information for Selected Students

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Students, Parents, and MSBOA Directors:

TODAY (November 16), MSBOA Band and Orchestra Directors, who registered students for an All-State audition, will be receiving emails from indicating the following:

  • Students who have been accepted
  • Students named as Honorable Mention
  • Students who were not accepted

ONLY Parents/Guardians of students who have been accepted into one of the five All-State Ensembles will be receiving an email informing them their child has been accepted to perform in Grand Rapids.  If you have any questions, please contact your student's director. DO NOT call the MSBOA State Office.  This email will also come from the address.  Parents, we encourage you to check your Spam and Junk folders.  The email will contain a registration link.  Clicking this registration link will take them to the OpusEvent website where they must click “Accept” or “Decline”.  If they accept the invitation they will then complete the Registration and Health Forms.

Directly below are five (5) links to Important Information for those students who have been placed in one of the All-State Ensembles, please click on the corresponding link for the ensemble in which you were placed.

2024 All-State High School Band - Important Info

2024 All-State High School Full Orchestra - Important Info

2024 All-State High School Jazz Ensemble - Important Info

2024 All-State Middle School Band - Important Info

2024 All-State Middle School String Orchestra - Important Info

You can also find information on Hotels, Concert Tickets, and Congratulatory adds with the link provided below:

Hotel , Ticket, Congratulatory Ad 2024

Below you will find the links to purchase All-State Apparel and recordings of the performances.  Please remember that each student will be receiving a complementary MP3 recording of the performances.

MSBOA 2024 ALL STATE High School Band Apparel Order FORM

MSBOA 2024 ALL STATE High School Jazz Apparel Order FORM

MSBOA 2024 ALL STATE High School Full Orchestra Apparel Order FORM

MSBOA 2024 ALL STATE Middle School Band Apparel Order FORM

MSBOA 2024 ALL STATE Middle School String Orchestra Apparel Order FORM

MSBOA All State 2024 Recordings Order Form

We will be using Docusign to obtain all necessary signatures. Automated emails will be sent out to the student, parent, director, and school administrator to complete the signatures. The director and school administrator will receive one of these automated emails to sign for the Registration Form only.  Parents and students will receive two (2) separate emails, one for the Registration Form and one for the Health Form.  They will look very similar. They must complete both (2 signatures/emails for the student and 2 signatures/emails for the parent for a total of 4 emails).

IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES:  For legal purposes, the email addresses associated with the signatures must be unique.  Last year we ran into issues where the parent’s and student’s email addresses were identical.  We encountered this primarily at the Middle School level.

The parent and student will have two (2) signatures to complete (1 for the Registration Form and 1 for the Health Form).  There were also instances where a few parents and students thought they had already completed the electronic signature after clicking on the link in the first automated email. The parent must complete both. The student must complete both.

As many schools do NOT allow outside emails to students, we encourage the use of personal email addresses. You may also have your school district “Whitelist” the address

The registration deadline is Friday, December 1, 2023.  Parents/Guardians must complete the Registration Form, the Health Form and pay the $80.00 registration fee on the OpusEvent website on or before this date.  The fee must be paid by credit card.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: After December 1, 2023, we will begin contacting directors of the Honorable Mentions to fill any unaccepted invitations for placed students.  Please be aware, if a placed student has not accepted the invitation by December 1 @ 11:59 p.m., and that spot has been subsequently filled, that student has forfeited their position in the ensemble.  There will be no exceptions to this.

If a student declines their invitation, an email will be sent to their director as well as the State Office indicating they have declined their invitation.  We will immediately contact the director of the next in line (Honorable Mention) with an invitation to fill the vacancy.

Thank you,

Garret M. Ernst - Executive Director, MSBOA

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