Approved Music Publishers Roster-Virtual S&E Festival-2021

Monday, November 2, 2020

List of Approved Publishers for MSBOA’s Virtual S&E Festival-2021


With the following link, MSBOA Approved Publishers, you will find a list of over 100 publishers who have agreed to allow us to use their publications in the upcoming virtual festival with the following stipulations:

  1. Performances must be shared in as private of a setting as possible, and must be viewable by individual link only.
  2. The performance can only be shared for educational assessment or state adjudication purposes.
    1. Students must show the original sheet music at the beginning of their video.
    2. The performances will be stored on a secure server to be distributed to state sanctioned music adjudicators.
  3. The recorded performance must use legally purchased sheet music.
    1. Adjudicator copies will be stored on a secure server with download and print abilities disabled.
    2. Uploaded adjudicator copies will be deleted following the adjudication process.
  4. Any arrangements made shall have proper permissions secured prior to recording.
  5. Once the recorded performance has been adjudicated it must be deleted from the sharing platform.

More information will follow regarding the specifics concerning the Virtual S&E Festival-2021, but this will enable directors, students, and private teachers to start choosing music for their participation in the festival.

Please be advised:  If the publisher of a piece the director/student is choosing is not on the list, you must seek permission from that publisher on your own.  The director is responsible for all compliance with the copyright law.  Please contact our Vice President for Solo and Ensemble, Jeanine Ignash, should you have any questions.

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