A Message From the Executive Director

Welcome to the MSBOA Website!


The Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association has been serving the schools of Michigan since 1934.

For 83 years MSBOA has provided numerous student oriented activities such as festivals, workshops and teacher in-service functions at both the district and state levels.

The Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to improving instrumental music in the State of Michigan.

MSBOA is organized in regional-district associations in both peninsulas, serving over 1,500 public, parochial and private schools. MSBOA consists of more than 1,600 instrumental music teachers certified by the State of Michigan to teach music education in our schools.

MSBOA is controlled at the State level by an Executive Board and the Presidents of our 16 geographical Districts. Three times a school year, this body meets to determine and discuss various topics that lead the Association, in such a way, as to ensure the continuing growth of MSBOA and instrumental music. 

As Executive Director it is my pleasure and honor to serve the membership of MSBOA.  

Please visit the many areas of our website and become informed as to the activities of MSBOA.

Musically yours,

Charles T. Bullard

Executive Director


State Cabinet


Kevin Culling President culling.kevin@gmail.com
Bryan Mangiavellano Vice President Band and Orchestra bryan.mangiavellano@nwschools.org
Greg Normandin Vice President Solo and Ensemble gnormandin@catholiccentral.net
Tom Golden Vice President Jazz Activities tgolden18@hotmail.com
Russell Hilton Vice President Adjudication hiltoru@lc-ps.org
Matthew Shephard Vice President Music Selection matthew.shephard@merps.org
Burke Lokey Vice President Orchestral Activities blokey@sjschools.org
Greg VanStrien Secretary/Treasurer greg@vanstrien.us
Jo Ann Gross 1st Past President joagross@gmail.com
Joel Shaner 2nd Past President Joel.shaner@jpsk12.org

State Office

Charles Bullard Executive Director cbullard@msboa.org
MaryAnn Sullivan Administrative Assistant msullivan@msboa.org
Loretta Thelen Office Staff lthelen@msboa.org

District Presidents

Jessica Gardner District 1 President jessica.gardner@pineriver.org
Brandon Ivie District 2 President bivie@boyne.k12.mi.us
Scott Pries District 3 President spries@icschools.us
Merlyn Beard District 4 President
Jeanine Ignash District 5 President jeanine.ignash@ovidelsie.org
Jennifer Hollandsworth District 6 President jhollandsworth@watervlietps.org
Susan Gould District 7 President goulds@gpsmi.us
Melissa Marks District 8 President marks.m@onstedschools.us
Edward Falls District 9 President mrfalls@gladwinschools.net
Ann Reinhard District 10 President annreinhard@grcatholiccentral.org
Bryan Van Toll District 11 President bvantoll@trschools.org
Elizabeth Hering District 12 President ehering@livoniapublicschools.org
Jessica Kietzman District 13 President kietzman@eup.k12.mi.us
Emily Morgan-Booth District 14 President ebooth@mapsnet.org
Sean Patton District 15 President sean.patton@detroitk12.org
Christopher Traskal District 16 President christopher.traskal@uticak12.org